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Country Radio Station Database 


The most accurate directory of over 1,500 Live U.S. Commercial and noncommercial Country music Radio Station postal addresses for only $299!  Also available: Peel-and-stick mailing labels or a paper printout for only $175. All forms of country music, including stations that are partially country and may play other music at various times of the day. This file is optimized for those trying to promote new music, so "Classic" Country stations, duplicate PDs, and satellite-fed stations have been removed. If you'd like them included for a nominal fee, please let us know. 

Click for: Full documentation.  List of what's in the file.  Radio formats.  Limitations of use.

Email addresses included for up to 97% of these stations!

  • Over 1,379 radio station web sites
  • Names of the Music Directors, Program Directors, Sales Managers, Chief Engineers, News Directors, General Managers, Promotion Directors, Production Directors, Operations Managers and the name of the company that owns the station.
  • Postal addresses guaranteed 99% deliverable for 30 days! (When you use title-addressing.)
  • Unlimited In-house Use
  • Formats
  • Market Size
  • Radio station phone numbers...a total of 43 fields of data! 

         Now CASS-certified for lowest postal rates!

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Use your credit card or send a check or money order to the RADIO MALL, 2412 Unity Avenue North, Dept. COMMCW, Minneapolis, MN 55422. Or call or FAX 800-759-4561 or 763-522-6256 for credit card orders. Prices shown include free shipping in the U.S.  Foreign orders, please add $40 shipping and handling for the labels or $20 for the paper printout.

To buy it online with a credit card, click on your choice below.   The page you'll enter the card number on is a secured server using 128 bit SSL encryption. 

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Buy a single copy for $299     

Buy 1500 Live Country music peel-and-stick mailing labels. 

Buy 1500 Live Country music radio stations on a paper printout with phone numbers.  

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