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Commercial Rock Radio Station Database with 

postal and email addresses - $199 

Peel-and-stick address labels - $99

AC/DC said: "It's a long way to the top if ya wanna rock n roll," and that's true. I sometimes suggest that you should buy a lottery ticket if you're going to buy this list. Nonetheless, we've got the most accurate list of about 575 Commercial Rock Radio Stations postal addresses for only $199!  Also available: 500 peel-and-stick mailing labels (with duplicate Program Directors removed) or a paper printout for only $99. The assumption is that you're buying this to promote new music, so Classic Rock and Classic Modern Rock stations have been removed, as well as stations that are automated or satellite. Call us or email us if you need those. If you also need Noncommercial Rock and College stations click here:  

Click for:  Full documentation.  List of what's in the file.  Radio formats.  Limitations of use.

      Email addresses included for up to 96% of these stations!

  • Over 550 rock radio station web sites
  • Names and email addresses for 94% of the Program Directors, and 96% of the Music Directors 
  • Postal addresses guaranteed 99% deliverable for 30 days! (When you use title-addressing.)
  • Unlimited In-house Use to promote any one artist, band, or producing record label.
  • Formats
  • Market Size
  • Radio station phone numbers...a total of 43 fields of data! 

You can scroll all the way down for a sample of the data! Or... (NOTE: The sample is taken from our full database, not just the Rock stations. The file we send you is just Rock stations) 

Click here to see what our file looks like in Excel (if you have Excel on your computer. When you're done viewing it, be sure to use your browser's back button!!!)

Click here to download the dBase sample file (for Access, ACT, MSWorks, Goldmine, and others) 

When the download window appears, select to SAVE the file.  You will not be able to open it until you have downloaded it and opened the program you're going to use it in. If you're on a PC and you have right-clicked on the file name, select SAVE TARGET AS. If you have trouble downloading these files, please email us and we'll e-mail them to you.  Be sure to let us know if you need dBase or Excel. 

These sample files need to be loaded into a program. They download in seconds.  Be sure to note which folder you save them to.

Our CASS certification means our data base now matches up with the Postal Service's master data base for deep discounts on bar-coded mailings. For the first 30 days, we guarantee the postal addresses are over 99% deliverable if you use title-addressing; and we'll pay the first-class one-ounce postage rate per piece for excess returns over 1%. 

Radio Mall databases have been used by: Apple Itunes, Jones Radio Network, The IRS, The Salvation Army, MCI, Accu-Weather, Adobe Graphics, AmericaList, BSW, Burk Technology, Comrex, Crouse-Kimzey, Datacount, Dielectric, Harker Research, Imas Publishing, Intraplex, Learfield, Maxell, MJM Broadcasting, Dan O'Day, The Peabody Awards, Premier Radio Networks, Radio Express, Radio Online, Reach Satellite Networks, RF Specialties, SCA Promotions, Sound Ideas, Talk America, The Production Garden, USA Today, Wheatstone, William Morris Agency, Gallup, Price-Waterhouse, and many start-up companies, too. It's not just a mailing list, it's a marketing tool that could become one of your company's biggest assets. It's sent as an importable data file and works with practically any data base or spreadsheet program. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Just phone us at 763-522-6256 or 800-759-4561 or email us.


Use your credit card or send a check or money order to the RADIO MALL, 2412 Unity Avenue North, Dept. COMMAOR, Minneapolis, MN 55422. Or call or FAX 800-759-4561 or 763-522-6256 for credit card orders. Prices shown include free shipping in the U.S.  Foreign orders, please add $40 shipping and handling for the labels or $20 for the paper printout.

To buy it online with a credit card, click on your choice below.   The page you'll enter the card number on is a secured server using 128 bit SSL encryption!

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Buy a single copy for $199  

Buy 500 Rock radio peel-and-stick mailing labels  

Buy a list of 500 Rock radio stations on a paper printout with phone numbers.  

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