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Air Assault imaging elements graphicAir Assault from The Production Garden

240 Production Elements on audio CD. - $99

Free shipping in the U.S.!           

  MP3 Demo     QuickTime Demo 

Scroll down for track listings.

Get equipped for tactical audio superiority with AIR ASSAULT's powerful arsenal of production elements including stagers, sweepers, sparkles, lasers, guitar parts, phone parts, and promo beds.  Created by Miami-based Jaime Lagueruela whose audio engineering and production credits include work for major recording labels, film studios, and international recording artists. Most tracks are :01 - :20 / 15 beds up to :60.

It's a BUY-OUT with no license fees or usage charges. As always, it's backed by Radio Mall's 60-day money-back guarantee!

Sorry, not available in Japan.

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