Warning: It is illegal for a Canadian to send unsolicited email advertising to the addresses in this database.

Our final Canadian update will be the December 2016 edition.

This is a sample record from our Canadian Radio Database. The legend and documentation is below.

POWER 50000
FREQ 100.9
PHONE 902-893-6060
FAX 902-896-7771
NUMBER 40474
EMAIL example@example.com



If you ordered an Excel file you should skip this paragraph. Each database uses a different method for importing data, so the following instructions are generalizations. If your program has a menu, it probably has a choice marked something like: "FILE", then "CREATE A NEW FILE" or "OPEN A NEW FILE."  If so, select this option.  At some point, there may be an option asking for the SOURCE of the new file, or allowing you to IMPORT data. If you are using fixed field lengths, we've made a notation in brackets [ ] to show you how many characters to allow per field.  Depending on your database, you may need to structure ZIP as a character field so the database doesn't delete any zeros at the beginning of an entry.  The field lengths are in brackets [ ].

There are 15 fields for each record.  They are:                         [size]type (Character or Numeric)

There are 15 fields for each record.  They are:                     [size]type

COMPANY  (the station's call letters)                                      [23]C 
ADDRESS   (street address or P.O. Box)                                [40]C
CITY                                                                                     [21]C
STATE                                                                                  [2]C
ZIP (The Canadian Postal code.)                                              [10]C
FORMAT  (see list of format codes)                                         [50]C
NOTES  (includes info on duplicates)                                       [80]C
POWER  (highest power output at address listed)                     [8]N
FREQ  (frequency)                                                                 [11]C
PHONE                                                                                [25]C
FAX                                                                                      [13]C
SATELLITE ("@" Indicates automation, "&" indicates satellite)  [17]C
NUMBER  (Unchanging serial number)                                      [5]N
EMAIL (still in development)                                                      [50]C
WEBSITE (still in development)                                                 [50]C

AC - Adult contemporary stations
AC (HOT) - Adult contemporary with up tempo music
AC (SOFT) - Adult contemporary stations with "Lite" formats
AH - Adult hits. "Jack" type formats
AMERICANA - A mix of folk, bluegrass and some classic country.
AOR - Album-oriented rock or Active Rock
AOR (AA) - Adult alternative...aka Triple A
AOR (AP) (Album Progressive)
AOR (CR) - Classic rock
AOR (NR) - New rock or Modern rock
B/EZ - Beautiful music/Easy listening
B/U - Black/Urban or R&B
CHR - Contemporary Hit Radio, formerly known as Top 40
CHR (DANCE) - Rhythmic Hit Radio
CLAS - Classical
CTRY - Country
CTRY (CLSC) - Classic Country
CTRY (HOT) - Up tempo Country
ETH - Ethnic, other than Spanish. Usually French in Canada
GOLD - Oldies
GOSPEL - Often a subcategory of Religious
MISC - Block formatting. Usually three or more formats every day.
MOR - Middle of the road. AKA full service
NOST - Big Band/Nostalgia
NR - New Rock aka Modern Rock. A subcategory of AC or AOR
N/T - News/Talk
N/T (SPORTS) - Predominantly sports
N/T/SPORTS -     News/Talk and Sports
PRE-TEEN - Programming for children, and hopefully some of their parents.
R&B - Rhythm and Blues
REL - Religious
REL (CC) - Contemporary Christian Music

Be aware that many Program Director's perceptions of their own format is open to debate.  

                              THE NOTES CATEGORY

If an AM & FM station are at the same address with the same General Manager, but are not simulcast, we create a separate record for each station and we mark the second station (usually the AM) as a "DUPE."  This is entered in the notes category.  We also keep various notes here, including info on format and call letter changes.  Most of the codes and info (other than "DUPE") will be of no use to you, but if you are curious about a specific note, please let us know.  We also keep a station's previous call letters here.  If you're having trouble finding a certain set of call letters, you might want to direct your search to this category. 


Here at Radio Mall headquarters, this database is a living, breathing thing. The accuracy of this data deteriorates rapidly over time.  If you mail to this list the week you get it, you should get fewer than 1% returns.  If you mail to this same list (without updating it) 12 months from now, you'll probably be looking at 6% returns.  The format accuracy will be even less and many of the call letters will be wrong.  We've priced our updates so they will usually cost you less than the wasted postage, printing and address correction fees you will pay for using the wrong addresses.  And you'll save hours of data entry time, too.  We suggest you obtain an update before each large mailing (but never more than one a month.)If you plan on updating the info yourself, be sure every piece you mail contains an "CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED" endorsement. In summary, whether you purchase our updates, or do it yourself, it REALLY MUST BE DONE!

                              LIMITATIONS OF USE

     This list is Copyright 2017, The Radio Mall.  Your company and its legal subsidiaries may have unlimited in-house use of this list.  It is not copy-protected and you may duplicate it for your company's own use.  You may not sell, rent, loan, or otherwise furnish it to other entities or use it on behalf of others.  In the event of personnel changes, the rights to use this list will be restricted to the individual or company that originally made payment for the list, unless a company provides proof that they reimbursed a former employee for the list. The data may not be reproduced for resale in any form.  This data is "seeded" with the addresses of Radio Mall agents to ensure that the list is not being illegally reproduced. This data may not be posted to a web or FTP site.
There are duplicate email addresses in this file.  You agree to remove all duplicates before emailing and to use blind-carboning (BCC) when you send your email.  If you have any questions about these restrictions, please call or email us.

Also available: U.S. Commercial and Noncommercial Radio, and U.S. TV, To order via credit card, please call 800-759-4561. Overseas, call 1-763-522-6256.

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