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Dave Dworkin's Radio Mall
2412 Unity Ave N,
Minneapolis, MN 55422 USA.
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DORK-A-PELLAS - 99 CRAZY Jingles and Drops via MP3 download - $99! 

Click here for the MP3 demo.

Most of the cuts are original, mildly obnoxious jingles -- high quality, questionable taste. Dork-A-Pellas also includes a few great, original PAMS jingles from the late 1950's. Plus a few group reactions, dramatic DANGER stabs, and half a dozen really nifty specialty music beds (crime report, sports, etc. -- NOT filler!) Dork-A-Pellas from L.A. Air Force and Radio Mall. It's a buy-out. 

Here's what you get:

1. This show is for mature audiences only.... (Jingle)
2. More Music (as soon as we're done singing) (Jingle)
3. Another song you've been trying to forget (Jingle)
4. Another romantic song from someone with a better love life than yours (Jingle)
5. Start Your Day... (original 1957 PAMS jingle!)
6. First in Music... (original 1957 PAMS jingle!)
7. The Funny DJ (Jingle)
8. Now more dorky music (Jingle)
9. We really hate singing jingles (Jingle)
10. Boss Radio (the songs the boss says to play) (Jingle)
11. We Gotta Go To The Bathroom (so here's a long song!) (Jingle)
12. Get A Clue (Jingle)
13. How's Your Hangover? (group shout)
14. In Your Dreams (Jingle)
15. Let's Get Naked (Jingle)
16. Love Can Make You Vomit (Jingle)
17. More Commercials (Jingle)
18. Spend your workday here ('cause we're gonna rob your house)
19. Technical Difficulties (Jingle)
20. You're such a weenie (Jingle)
21. Someone didn't get a nap today! (Jingle)
22. We've got your cake right here (Jingle)
23. More Nonsense (Jingle)
24. Someone's calling you again (Jingle)
25. Just follow the rules and you won't get hurt (Jingle)
26. Thank you for your uninformed opinion (Jingle)
27. You're a loser (Jingle)
28. Get off the phone, you jerk! (Jingle)
29. This call is being terminated due to caller dumbness (Sonovox)
30. You've been flushed (so sorry) (Jingle)
31. Traffic I (Jingle)
32. Traffic II (Jingle)
33. More Malicious Gossip (I)
34. More Malicious Gossip (II) (Jingle)
35. Boneheads in the News (Jingle)
36. Bonehead of the Day (Jingle)
37. Bonehead of the Week (Jingle)
38. We've Got Weather, Sports... (Barbershop Quartet Jingle)
39. Here's the Weather (original 1957 PAMS jingle!)
40. First in News (original 1957 PAMS jingle!)
41. Cheese ball of the Day (Jingle)
42. We Get E-Mail (Jingle)
43. Rain dance (music bed)
44. Another day closer to being dead (Jingle)
45. Birthday (Jingle)
46. They're worm ood! (Jingle)
47. Toe-tagged and out of here! (Jingle)
48. Pomp (a capella bed)
49. News Bed (music bed)50. Police Beat (music bed)
51. Sports Bed (music bed)
52. Stinky weather (Jingle)
53. Crappy weather (Jingle)
54. The weather sucks (but we don't) (Jingle)
55. If you only had a brain (Jingle)
56. Very amusing (Jingle)
57. Time to take your medication (Jingle)
58. DJ Mouth/Brain Disconnection (Sonovox)
59. What a lame bit! (Jingle)
60. You're fired (Jingle)
61. Don't do it (Jingle)
62. Time to inject the DJ with caffeine (Jingle)
63. Are you sure you want to continue? (Sonovox)
64. Entering a Bad Taste Zone (Sonovox)
65. This is getting deep (Sonovox)
66. That's very difficult to say (Sonovox)67. Big Deal (hard to describe)
68. Bogus (Sonovox)
69. Bogus x 4 (Sonovox)
70. Danger (Sonovox)
71. Danger x 4 (Sonovox)
72. Station will self-destruct (Sonovox)
73. Here's another scratchy old record (Sonovox)
74. Bag that, bucko! (Sonovox)
75. Congratulations! (group shout)
76. Hey! We're giving away more junk! (Jingle)
77. Think Music (contest music bed)
78. Call now (Sonovox))
79. Call now, good luck (Sonovox)
80. Call now, I hope you win (Sonovox)
81. Contest Hog, Contest Hog (Sonovox)
82. Contest Bed (music bed)
83. Ta Da! (Group)
84. Gasp (Group)
85. Hmmmm (wonder) (Group)
86. Hmmmm (surprise) (Group)
87. In-studio laughter (Group)
88 .Ohhhh! (disappointed) (Group)
89. Welllllll! (Group)
90. (Danger!) (dramatic music stab)
91. (Uh Oh!) (dramatic music stab)
92. (Suspense!) (dramatic music stab)
93. ( Oh, No!) (dramatic music stab)
94. (What Now?) (dramatic music stab)
95. Pigeon Jerky (vocal with music bed)
96. Redneck Psychic Network (vocal with music bed)
97. We're a little late, so say goodbye (Jingle)
98. We hope you enjoyed the show (Barbershop )
99. Show end (Sonovox)

As always, it's backed by Radio Mall's 60-day money-back guarantee!


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Use your credit card or send a check or money order for $99 to Radio Mall, 2412 Unity Ave. N., Dept. DRKW, Minneapolis, MN, 55422, USA. MN residents, please add sales tax. All payments must be in U.S. funds.  

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