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DORK-A-PELLAS - Volume Too!
99 MORE crazy tracks for $99! Free shipping in the U.S.

On CD or MP3 download with metadata
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If you liked Dork-a-Pellas from L.A. Air Force, we think you'll LOVE Volume Too. There are Show Opens, Intros. Features, Phoners, Contests, Comments, Positioning Jingles, Weather, and Sign-Off tracks.

Titles include: Hail to the Chief Engineer, It Happened on This Day (as if you cared,) Loser of the Day, Another Sleazy Politician, Sports Talk, Tabloid Trash, School Closings, All Calls Are Recorded, Our Favorite Listener, What's On Your Mind, Call and Win, Congratulations, Hey, you Can't Say That, Time to Call Your Lawyer, You Blew It, And Now Back to You, Conspiracy Theory of the Day, Another Meaningless Listener Survey, Knuckleheads on Parade, News From The Internet, Hot and Juicy Rumor of the Day, There's No Business Like Show Business (The Slimiest Business We Know), Time to Talk About Sports (Please Lower Your IQ), The Decision of the Judge is Final (Unless We Change Our Mind), You're Our Big Wiener (er-um, sorry - Winner), and the soon-to-be infamous Gospel Weather.

It's a BUY-OUT with no license fees or usage charges. 

As always, it's backed by Radio Mall's 60-day money-back guarantee!

For complete track listings, click here:


To buy it online with a credit card, click below.  The page you'll enter the card number on is a secured server using 128 bit SSL encryption!

Dorkapellas Volume Too on CD.  

 Dorkapellas Volume Too via download.

Use your credit card or send a check or money order for $99 to Radio Mall, 2412 Unity Ave. N., Dept. DRK2W, Minneapolis, MN, 55422, USA. MN residents, please add sales tax. All payments must be in U.S. funds. Free shipping in the U.S. Foreign orders, please add $24 for shipping.

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