We like to process your credit card manually to provide us both with the highest level of protection. Because of this our downloads are not instant. In most cases they will be sent the afternoon you order them. You may always call us at 1-763-522-6256 or email info@radio-mall.com to see if same-day downloads are available. Once we have processed your credit card or PayPal payment, a link will be emailed to you from dropbox.com  The message will say "David Dworkin sent you" and the name of the product. Click the "view file" link in the email and then click on "download" and you're on your way. We suggest downloading it to "My Documents" or "Documents" on Windows 8. Note: if you select "SAVE" Hightail will prompt you to open a free but limited account. You need not have an account with them to download any of our files. All downloads are © Copyright Radio Mall. Offered for synchronization only.

All files are sent as a single .zip file. If your email program doesn't automatically unzip it, open Windows Explorer (AKA File Explorer) go into "Documents" and right-click on the zip file and select "expand." Our downloads are always loss-less uncompressed .WAV files for the highest quality.

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