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Production Effects (Lasers, Stingers, Sweepers, Jingles) Just click on the product name for the online demo and track listings. 

PowerDisc TM - 120 musical stagers, sweepers, sound designer elements, bumpers, stingers, and instrumental production effects. $49 on CD or $39 via download.

Lazer Impact Plus TM - 122 Powerful production work parts. Sure, there's a ton of Lasers, but there's also explosions, touch-tone effects, stagers, swooshes, music pads and transitionals. $49 on CD or $39 via download.

Lazer Impact ClassicTM - 110 lasers, explosions, touch-tones, stagers, swooshes.  $49..or $39 via download.

120 Zings, Zaps and ZoodadsTM - 90 sounders, stingers, lasers and 30 fully-produced promo beds from Dave Foxx of Z-100 on CD for $34 or just $29 via download.

POWER PACK Special: All 4 of the above discs - was $276, now just $149 or $99 via download.

G-Drive2,432 production elements, real sound effects, imaging elements, and commercial music beds. Original retail value on 24 CDs was over $1000. Now just $449 on flash drive or $299 via download

Insomnia FXTM - Over 460 cuts in .wav and MP3 format on DVD for $79...or just $59 via download.

Sonic Infuzion Vol. 3 TM - 99 modern production effects and beds for $49 on CD or $39 via download.  Sixty-six Transitions/Quick FX, Pads/Drones/Noise Floors from 1 to 20 seconds. Plus 33 Beat-Beds about 30 seconds long.

Sonic Infuzion Vol. 2 TM - 99 modern production effects and beds for $49 on CD or $39 via download.. Shorter effects, longer pads and drones; and thirty-second beat beds.

Sonic InfuzionTM - 99 effects and beat beds for only $49 on CD or $39 via download. Special "ripping" track at end. Bundle this with

Future FX Production Disc Vol. 1  - Cool sounding beeps, rewinds, touch tones and listener testimonials. From Jimmy Ocean "Fish."  90 tracks on CD for $49 or $39 via download

Future FX Vol. 5 - 99 short modern production effects for $49 on 1 audio CD or $39 via download.

Package Deal - Future FX Volumes 1-5 on CDs for $199 or $149 via download.

Programming Tools - 37 cuts, including news opens, weather beds, sports themes, show bumpers, traffic beds and much more On CD for $49 or $39 via download.

Air Assault - 240 stagers, sweepers, sparkles, lasers, guitar parts, phone parts, and promo beds on audio CD from The Production Garden. $99. 

Cheap Radio ThrillsTM - The infamous collection from L.A. Air Force - now on 3 compact discs and only $99! 

Dork-A-PellasTM - 99 Crazy jingles and drops for only $99 This one is a buy-out for local use only.

Dork-A-Pellas - Volume Too!TM - 99 MORE crazy tracks for $99! 

Nightingale Voice DropsTM - 1 audio CD + 1 CD-Rom (.wav files) with over 750 great drop-ins all by human voices - $139.

Silly Show Sponsors on CD -  250 great recorded drop-in lines written by Dan O'Day and voiced by Gary Owens - $99.

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