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Radio Mall, 2412 Unity Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN 55422. Phone or FAX 800-759-4561 or 763-522-6256 or email

E-mail Us 

We'll e-mail your message to up to 10,000 commercial radio stations for $349.

We have over 90,000 e-mail addresses (including duplicates) in our commercial US radio station database, but we strip out all duplicate addresses so you won't send six or seven  copies to the same e-mail address which only wastes time and annoys the recipient.  Sometimes e-mail doesn't go through on the first attempt, so all failed addresses are retried at no extra charge. You can add noncommercial radio stations or TV stations to this order for an extra $99 each. 

What if I want to e-mail an ad?

We accept ads as long as they are relevant to radio stations.  We do not e-mail ads for mortgages, adult sites, multi-level marketing, or (ahem) enlargement of certain body parts. If you market to radio stations, we will be glad to send your ad. To make this legal, your ad must contain all of the following four elements: 1. a headline that makes it clear it is an ad, 2. a valid return e-mail address, 3. a postal mailing address, and 4. instructions for getting removed from future e-mail messages. Forward the removal requests to us and we will archive them for future campaigns. 

Will the radio stations be able to see my e-mail address as the return address?

Yes, your address will be listed as the sender. They can reply directly to you.  This also means that the bounce-backs and auto-responders will go to your e-mail address.  Please take the time to go through them before your e-mail box fills up. 1-5% may bounce back. 

 How do I get started? For full instructions, click here:

Just E-mail us the message you'd like us to send.  If sending text, please send it as a regular e-mail message.  If sending html, please send it as a single, uncompressed file attachment.  We cannot accept .zip files for security reasons. Your throughput may be a bit lower with .html, but we can send .html if you prefer. Please be aware that up to 60% of email readers are set to block images.  

Can I just buy the list instead of having you send the e-mail for me? 

Yes. And you can re-use it as long as the use is strictly on behalf of your own company. Details are here:

Will SPAM filters stop my e-mail from getting through?

A certain percent of them will. Following the instructions in the link three inches above will help reduce your SPAM score.   

What about noncommercial radio stations or TV stations?

You can add them to the campaign for $99 each, or call us if you want to e-mail just the noncomms or TV stations for $349.

(verified members only)

Call 763-522-6256 or 800-759-4561 to make payment. Or make it online here: