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Radio & TV station address lists: 

Here's a sample listing of format and market size options from our commercial U.S. radio list (except where noted). Prices quoted are for peel-and-stick regular mailing labels or a paper printout. These counts include satellite stations but duplicate PDs have been removed The lists can be further customized to suit your needs.  If you don't see what you're looking for, or would like these lists sent as computer files please call us for pricing at 800-759-4561 or 763-522-6256.

FORMAT                                            APPROXIMATE COUNT    PRICE

Adult Contemporary                  1103     $145      
AOR (Album Rock)                     536     $117      
EZ/Soft AC/Jazz                      324     $106      
Black/Urban/R&B                      422     $111      
Big Band/Nostalgia                   182     $99      
Contemporary Hit Radio               974     $139      
Country/Americana                   1563     $168      
Gold (Oldies)/Adult Hits            1259     $153      
News/Talk/MOR                       1483     $164
Religious                           1493     $165 (This selection includes Noncommercial stations)      
Spanish                              541     $117      

Also available:   (Note:  Most counts are unduplicated. All of the
following lists are available as data files. Call for prices.)
Noncommercial U.S. radio            2220     $201          
U.S. Television                     1436     $162   

To order mailing labels or for selections other than those listed
above, please call us at 763-522-6256 or 800-759-4561.
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