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Lazer Impact PLUSTM   from

120 effects on audio CD for $49   Free shipping in the U.S.!

or buy the download for only $39

Or buy this with 3 other production packages in our "Power Pack" Special!

 MP3 demo

Complete track listings are below!

Lazer Impact PlusTM was created to add POWER to your radio and TV spots, promos, sweepers and multimedia presentations.


  • A ton of Lasers
  • Sound designer elements
  • Stagers
  • Sweeper components
  • Swooshes
  • Touch-tone effects
  • Transitionals
  • Explosions
  • Stingers...and MUCH more!

LAZER IMPACT PLUS contains a diverse array of fresh production components, energy levels, stagers, touchtone effects, stingers, digital and analog special effects and much more to enhance your radio, television and multimedia production projects. It includes 9 effects from the original "Lazer Impact CLASSIC" which is now back in print and available at 1/2 price with Lazer Impact PLUS.

TIPS: The Utility Tones at the beginning are to help speed up your production and enhance your presentation. Levels change from machine to machine, so it's important to send your finished product (spots, music etc.) with level calibration tones. In the old days you needed a tone generator. Now it's fast and easy using the tones on Lazer Impact Plus! The 100HZ tone works great in short bursts, for cue slate tones on your analog masters.

Click here to buy the download link to Lazer Impact Plus for $39

Click here to order Lazer Impact Plus on CD for $49

Lazer Impact Plus, Lazer Impact Classic, The PowerDisc, and Zings, Zaps, & Zoodads via download for $99!

If you're done shopping, or would like to review your order, click here.