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Now all 4 CDs for $149! Or get the download for just $99.

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PowerDiscTM - 120 musical stagers, sweepers, sound designer elements, bumpers, stingers, and instrumental productions effects.
Lazer Impact PLUS TM - 122 Powerful production work parts, lazers, explosions, touch-tones, stagers, swooshes, music pads, transitionals.
Lazer Impact CLASSICTM - 110 lazers, explosions, touch-tones, stagers, swooshes.
120 Zings, Zaps and ZoodadsTM 90 sounders, stingers, lasers & 30 fully produced promo beds from Dave Foxx of Z-100.

  Only $99. Be sure to read about how we deliver downloads

All 4 discs for $149 

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    ___ Send me all 4 discs for only $149. Price includes FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.!

    ___ Send the same content in uncompressed (lossless) .WAV files via download. $99

    Use your credit card or send a check or money order to Radio Mall, 2412 Unity Ave. N., Dept. PACKW, Minneapolis, MN, 55422-3450, USA. MN residents, please add sales tax. All payments must be in U.S. funds. Foreign orders, please add $40 for shipping CDs.

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    For credit card orders, phone 763-522-6256 or 800-759-4561.

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    Note: The PowerDisc is not available in Japan. Email us for substitution choices. 

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