More about the e-mail addresses in our commercial radio database: 

One General Manager or Program Director may work for several stations. At some stations the GM and the PD are the same person. Some stations have only furnished us with a single e-mail address for all of the categories below. You may wish to know what the counts are after you remove all the duplicate entries. All counts are approximate.

Unique email addresses in each field:

3,850 General Manager       6,000 Program Director 

4,050 Sales Manager       2,200 Chief Engineer

5,270 Music Director      2,645 News Director 

3,600 Operations Manager    3,790 Production Director

          3,700 Promotion Director      7,460 general email addresses

Total unique e-mail addresses: 16,700

Sending e-mail can be perfectly legal:

We are not lawyers, but our understanding of the CAN-SPAM act is that e-mail is legal as long as it complies with the following:

1: You must provide a valid return e-mail address.
2. The subject line of your e-mail must make it clear that the e-mail is an ad.
3. Your mailing address must appear in the email. PO Boxes are acceptable.
4. You must provide an easy way for the person to be removed from your e-mail list.  We believe the following statement would suffice:

To 0pt out, simply reply to this e-mail to let us know.

Removing duplicate e-mail addresses:

As noted above, there are thousands of duplicate e-mail addresses. It is in your best interest (and we do require) that you or your program remove all duplicate e-mail addresses before sending mass e-mail. If you are unable to figure out how to do this, we will do it for you within 30 days of your purchase for an extra fee of $50. 

Be sure to use blind carboning (the BCC option): 

Nothing looks worse than sending an e-mail that starts off with the e-mail addresses of 100 other people that the e-mail was sent to. It makes your e-mail look impersonal...and it violates our copyright on the addresses. If you're using our file to send mass e-mail, we require blind carboning.

What if my Internet Service Provider bans bulk e-mail?

Another alternative is to have us send the e-mail for you. Click here for details on our e-mail service.

Why does so much e-mail fail to go through?

It is virtually impossible for an e-mail list to be 100% accurate, but there are other reasons. The biggest is SPAM filters. Most filters use a point system. Get too many points and your e-mail gets blocked. SPAM points can be given for the use of the word "free" in the subject line, a toll-free number, publishing your e-mail with Front Page, your e-mail address getting black-listed from too many complaints, lack of a reverse DNS look-up on your mail server, or any mention of Viagra.  E-mail also gets kicked back from full e-mail boxes, down servers, and typos. We regularly run checks on our e-mail addresses to make sure each one has an "@" in it and a proper extension, like .com, .org, .net, .fm, etc. 

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