Radio Mall Radio Database testimonials: 

We do appreciate the dependable service and reliable information you have provided to us for nearly 20 years!!!  That's actually hard to believe as it doesn't seem "that long."  

Your detailed, accurate maintenance of over 16,000 records in these radio station databases is sincerely appreciated.  They help us keep up with the ever-changing information about the affiliate and prospective broadcasters of our programs, Wonderful Words of Life, Maravillosas Palabras de Vida, Heartbeat and Latido .  

Bless you,

Regina McGraw, Operations Director
Soundcast (formerly Radio Ministries)
The Salvation Army

(Note: On 11/11/14 The Salvation Army renewed for another year.)


As long as I'm in the Radio business, I need that database

Nate Zeitz - CESD Talent Agency. New York


Within the next month or so, I'm going to be getting in touch with you again for a new radio station mailing list, too.  Mine is getting pretty dated!  Best $600 I ever spent, by the way.  I've told the story many times, but I though I'd share it with you, too: 

When we got the federal stimulus money, I considered two options.  Investing in the stock market, or buying the mailing list and a few other odds and ends to finish off the studio to start Commercials By The Dozen.  It's been a fun filled couple of years, but, I think I made the correct choice.  I can't imagine marketing to radio without the information in the list.

Glen Pavlovich - Commercials By The Dozen



I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical in the beginning about your company taking my money and getting data by email.
But after you talked with me for about an hour and disclosed the details of how your business worked, and you being
listed on, I believed you to be sincere. My data came in as it was supposed to, and it was all very
detailed and precise, with no problems opening and using. I use your data to contact radio and TV stations to see if they
need tower work done currently or in the future.

I think I spent around $1100.00 to receive thousands of contacts, and it has returned me around 30k.I will definitely
reuse the Radio Mall in the future, but as for now; it has my company busy working over my existing purchased data.

Robbie Hulett - Tower Maintenance Corp. Douglas, Ga.


"I received your Radio and TV files, and so far so good! Your site and samples and customer service were so good that I
didn't shop around at all - just downloaded and purchased. Thanks again." -Matina Fresonius,

"This is the best service available in America today.  It's easily worth 100 times what we paid for it!" - Sandy Davis - President,

"Radio Mall lists have the fewest number of returns for bad addresses of any lists we've ever used." Steve Brooks, US Dept of Interior

 "I was happy with the prompt service and the accuracy of the information.  It made our lives easier." - Jason Webb, Media Services Manager, Target + Response

"I couldn't live without this data base.  If you're doing data base marketing these are the people you need to talk to." - Ron Chase, Radio Online

"Since using Radio Mall's data bases my business has increased twenty-fold. The database makes me seem more knowledgeable when I'm talking with potential clients and continues to be the best single marketing tool in my arsenal."
- Jeff Davis, Jeff Davis Productions, Hollywood, CA

"We appreciate your database products. They've been the nerve center of our operations... helping us with fax marketing, direct mail, and contact management." - Scott Thomas, VP / General Manager, Zeo Radio Networks

"We've been doing business with you since 1993 and it's been a thoroughly enjoyable experience for us. The quality of your product is surpassed only by that of your service - whenever we've needed help, you've been there for us. It truly is a pleasure to do business with you." - Rod Schwartz - Grace Broadcast

"Dave, just wanted to let you know that I picked up a station in Arkansas yesterday for an imaging contract using your database. I have had it for only 3 days!!! Thanks for a quality product!!!" - Antonio McCoy, Tonymac Productions  

 "I had forgotten how comprehensive, complete and easy to work with your data base is.  Thanks." - Kathy Smith, Natural Sound  

"I know you've probably heard it a thousand times!  After ordering the radio database and sending out a basic invitation for folks to scope my demos and prices, the db paid for itself within a week.  It continues to pay for itself over and over with each monthly "newsletter" mailing I do. Thanks for the great service".   Jeff Straub- Voiceovers that ROCK!

"Dave, thanks for your terrific service. I couldn't have done it without you."  Steve Summers - Host of "The 70's Shack"  

Dear Dave:  I want to follow up and express my thanks for a very good resource you provide for marketing to radio stations.  In the three years DVDs4Vets has been arranging for the donation of new and used DVDs to benefit military veterans, your e-mail list and the response to our PSAs has been extraordinary. We have tried several outlets for getting the word out about helping our Vets by donating DVDs and the Radio-Mall approach has been the best method. We look forward to working with you again. -Laurance Baschkin DVDs4Vets.

I'm not sure what I've written you, so far about being able to read your Radio Mall directory. I did as you suggested. I got Office on trial for a month. Thank you. This is exactly what I need to get my voiceover career started in earnest. To say this is an excellent document doesn't come close to doing it justice. It's so valuable. - Bill Boys, Willy Studios

Dave:  Thanks! Sure do appreciate this great product, and reasonably priced, too.  Much obliged, Sir. Regards/Jim Potter - Little Spot Shop

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