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Warner Brothers Sound Effects

Series Number of CDs Number of SFX's Main Topic Special Features
WB 5 1500 Cartoon/Animation Unforgettably Hilarious Loony Toon SFX

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$495 with free shipping worldwide!

Now, for the first time, WARNER BROS. brings you, on 5 side-splitting CDs, hilarious sound effects that have helped make Warner Bros. cartoons so unforgettable for so many years.

There are over 1,500 digitally remastered effects, including special effects from Emmy Award winning sound designer Russell Brower.

Each authentic sound selected from the Warner Bros. sound department has been carefully restored to provide you with outstanding digital sound quality.

Now you can offer your productions something very special with the famous and familiar sound effects associated with Warner Bros. - brought to you by Sound Ideas.

Also Available:

The Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library is also available in a 2 CD ROM collection. Like the original, it contains more than 1,500 hilarious digitally remastered sound effects from the Warner Bros. cartoon collection. The library is formatted in a Sound Designer file, so it's production-ready for either SampleCell or ProTools.


WB01 Cartoon Sounds: Airplanes, Bees, Birds, Cats, Chickens, Dogs, Donkeys, Ducks, Elephants, Farm Sounds, Horses, Monsters, Pigs, Pigeons, Sheep, Archery, Autos, Bells, Boings, Bonks, Bounces, Bubbles, Chatter, Crackles, Crashes, Creaks, Cymbals, Doors, Drums

WB02 Cartoon Sounds: Electricity, Falls, Footsteps, Gongs, Hits, Hops, Horns, Howls, Knocks, Lightning, Morse Code, Motors, Accordions, Fantasies, Pianos, Vibraphones, Violins, Xylophones, Panting, Pile Drivers, Plops, Plunger, Pops, Pumps, Punctures, Radios, Ratchets, Rattles, Saws, Sci Fi Sounds, Scrapes, Sirens, Skids, Slides, Smashes, Snaps, Splats, Spray, Sputs, Swallows

WB03 Cartoon Sounds: Squeaks, Squirts, Stretches, Swimming, Swishes, Suction, Tears, Teeth, Telephones, Tightropes, Trains, Twangs, Vacuums, Washboards, Water Sounds, Whips, Whistles, Whizzes, Windows, Wipes, Wobbles, Woodpeckers, Zips, Blows, Breathing, Crowds, Cries, Gargles, Growls, Grunts, Gulps, Hiccups, Kisses, Laughter, Razzberries, Screams, Sighs, Sneezes, Sniffs, Snores, Spits, Throat Cuts, Whistles, Yawns, Yells

WB04 Cartoon Sounds: Airplanes, Bears, Fantasy Bees, Fantasy Birds, Creatures, Ducks, Balloons, Bells, Boings, Glass Bottles, Bounces, Bone Breaks, Burp Bubbles, Gag Bubbles, Lava Bubbles, Buzzes, Caverns, Coin Drops, Crackles, Crashes, Door Creaks, Crunches, Debris Falls, Drawbridges, Eating, Electricity, Electronic Sounds, Eruptions, Explosions, Body Falls, Thin Bubbles, Fireworks, Flicks, Footsteps, Ghosts, Heartbeats, Cardboard Hits, Metal Hits, Human Hits, Water Hits, Whap Hits, Wood Hits, Bulb Horns, Laboratory Sounds, Money Bags

WB05 Cartoon Sounds: Motors, Cartoon Peels, Pile Drivers, Pings, Poofs, Pouring from a Jug, Paper Punctures, Metal Rattles, Plastic Rattles, Wood Rattles, Cardboard Rips, Rockslides, Metal Rolls, Rumbles & Groans, Train Rumbles, Tube Rumbles, Saws, Sci Fi Sounds, Metal Scrapes, Scratches, Shakes, Slides, Balloon Spins, Tube Spins, Winding Spins, Spooges, Glass Squeaks, Spin Squeaks, Water Squirts, Squishes, Plastic Stretches, Tube Stretches, Air Suction, Swishes, Swords, Water Cannons, Water Gurgles, Wind, Zips

The Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library ...

Sounds Incredible

� 1992 Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved.

Sound Ideas is a registered trademark of Sound Ideas (A Division of the Brian Nimens Corporation Limited)

Sorry, not available in Australia and New Zealand.

Warner Sound Effects on 5 audio CDs.

Warner Sound Effects CD ROM Sound Designer.

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